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I am a customer who is cared about. How? I just write down on Gloffer what I wish and companies prepare great offers for me. I only have to choose the best offer. I never waste my time for searching products.


Once it was difficult to get to your customers and attract them. With Gloffer we meet our customers every day and create for them the best offers we can. And competitors? Yes, they still exist but on Gloffer we can rival everyone.


Gloffer is consistently creating value for companies and their customers. It is a long term project. If you want to become part of it as our investor, please write us on radoslav@gloffer.com. We will be happy to have you the team.


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And what about our market? Well, it looks pretty good. Just in the Czech republic there is about 3.8 millions of individuals going online for shopping. There are also about half a million of companies actively selling or buying online. Does it sound good? Let´s have a look at a little bit wider market than the Czech Republic. In the Europe there is nearly 231 million of people searching for goods and services online. And the companies? About 18 million of companies in Europe want to attract their customers online. Sounds good? Definitely for Gloffer.

Czechs shopping online
Czech companies shopping online
Europeans shopping online
European companies shopping online

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